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Find our Headquarters in the renovated Beymer Building on 3rd Street in the heart of downtown Winter Haven.

The 3-story, 22,000 square foot Beymer Building, located at Central Avenue and 3rd Street in Downtown Winter Haven, Florida, is leading the revitalization of downtown Winter Haven with the latest in business technology. Built in 1923, the building is named after one of Winter Haven’s founding families. With its proximity to the CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inland Fiber & Data Technology Park, USF Polytechnic Blue Sky Business Accelerator, the New Media Lab, and City Parking Garage, this landmark building is poised to continue the Downtown technological revolution and contribution to the area’s commercial pulse.

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20 3rd Street SW, Ste 209
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Phone: 863-875-6950
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100 SE 2nd Street, Suite 2000
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