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Continuing Problem: Late Settlements Are Wasteful

Liability is disputed in many serious motor vehicle accident cases. Yet, very few cases go to trial; they are settled late instead. Experience and common sense tell us that a large percentage of the late settlements could have occurred before suit was filed, thus yielding a tremendous savings. If presuit settlements have long been a goal for those managing claims, then why are they so hard to achieve?

Contributing Causes: Missing Motivation, Skills & Technology

Part of the answer is the litigation system and business model of many lawyers and experts. These combine to push meaningful settlement efforts back until just before trial. Also, it is very unlikely that other lawyers who may be receptive to presuit settlement have the specialized skills and technology needed to reveal and demonstrate critical information about the controlling liability issue. Without this information, they cannot: (1) accurately evaluate liability exposure to recommend a fair settlement range; or (2) develop a persuasive, visual presentation to move your bargaining opponent into that range.

New Solution: Presuit Settlement Counsel, The Closers

Settling claims presuit doesn't have to be so frustrating anymore -- not since the development of our new comprehensive support. This support stages you for success by overcoming the problems of missing motivation, skills, and technology. We work on a price-conscious, fixed fee basis, for claims nationwide. Let us show you how we can make presuit settlements happen and why we should be your closers.